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Well, I know that it will not be astonishing to you that this blog is about sports.

My definitive goal is to fill this up with all sorts of sports stories. If there is a story connected with sports, as long as I would see it as worthy of being included in this internet site, I’ll write about it.

Generally, I am not only taking a look at sports topics in general because I will look at how sports affect our society in general. You’ll find actually lots of examples where sports drawn contradictory sections of society together and there are also stories where sporting rivalry will become very complicated that it would spill into political or religious confrontations.

I am not really here to judge whether it’s a valuable thing or not because I only wish to show the passion that can accompany the world of sports.

I started writing on the web for a lot of years and in that time, it was only a way for me to convey my feelings and my love for sports in general to a bigger crowd. This blog started from very humble beginnings. Actually, after I began writing in my sports blog site, I am still working for a various firm and I only write after I have spare time.

It was really a good thing to see my little web site grow into something significant. If you’d like to have your own web site, I can provide some words of wisdom.

You should not give up with your blogging. You should not lose hope because making your web site an authority won’t be a simple task and it’ll take years. During the first couple of years, you cannot expect a lot of folks to stop by your site as well. You must have a clear goal in your mind and you can expect that this will help you carry on.

You should not really expect a lot from your web site, especially if you’re just a beginner. If your motivation in setting up a website is earning a lot of money right away, you will surely be dissatisfied. When I started blogging, I don’t even have an idea that I am going to make money from this because I only want to share my understanding of sports.

The most pleasing reward that I get from the time and effort that I spend on this web site is your suggestions and remarks. So I motivate you and will in fact go as far as to plead with you to inform me your reaction to the content that I publish here.

Whether you like the post or not, agree with the point that I’m making or don’t agree, I’m equally keen to see your reaction and look forward to both reading and replying to any remarks or suggestions that you will leave.

Tell me which sports you need me to write about. I am always receptive to recommendations so long as the topics will always be related to sports.

I’ll be open to your guest posts because this is where I began. For those who have any views or ideas that you would like to contribute to this site, you can always pass them to me. I always read everything that you’ll submit and I will also offer my personal constructive criticism. If it is all good, you can expect that it would be posted and you’ll get full credits as the author. Welcome to my blog site and I hope that you can take a look at all my articles and share the wonderful sports with me.